Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Poor Rich Folk

Just a quick post to plug a really good band in the Fort Worth area called Poor Rich Folk. If you were at Zenith last summer you were able to hear this really cool band. Well, last night was their CD release party at the Ridglea Theatre in Fort Worth. I was able to go with one of my youth group guys. It was kind of funny because the Ridgela is kind of a bar too. So on one of my first youth trips, I took my kids to a bar! Apparently I am really trying to get fired from this new job quicker than usual.

But anyways......

Their new stuff and new CD is awesome stuff. The songwriting and music has definitly gone to a new level on this record. I am proud of the guys. Not only are they really great musicians, they are really cool and humble guys. To me, that is a lot more important than being a good musician.

Their new CD features Dan Hasseltine, the lead singer of Jars of Clay as well as Andrew Osenga from Caedmons Call. They are so much cooler than I.

Go to and buy their new CD. You will love it.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have been a typically passive minister during my three years of full time youth ministry. Usually I have depended on youth and families to seek me out or come to church for my ministry influence. Yet, outside of missions, I have not been a very deliberate minister. In other words, I have allowed the by-products of my job, that is class, small group, and worship, to take the place of the calling that Christ gave me: to bring the kingdom of God to those who don't know it.

Most of us (ministers) fall into this trap. We will punch our clocks, go to church, put in our office hours and hope that will sufice to keep our positions of ministry. And, typically it works. When people see me in my office vigorously typing at my keyboard or listning to Christain music, they are assuming that the "Lord's Work" is being done. It is easy on the eyes, you know?

Yet today I got a little cabin fever. I have been in my office way too much lately. I guess I was tired and bored and wanted to try something new. So I packed up my laptop and other various gizmos and went to the "Coffee Grinder" on the square here in Granbury. Actually, I am typing this post from here. I have just swung through here from time to time but never have actually sat down. I noticed something today when I came in. A big group of teenagers drinking coffee and hanging out.

They seem to be your typical coffee house goers. An eclectic (I love using that word.....not sure what it REALLY means) group of kids who seem to not really fit in anywhere else but this place. They are just hanging out, talking about weird stuff and finding community with each other. Pretty typical of teens around here.

Some were smoking, some were tatooed, most dressed a little different than me. I am a lot more white, clean skinned, and preppy. I wonder though what kind of presence I could be in the lives of kids like that. I don't look a lot like them or share their stories. But maybe they could use some love. Maybe they could stand to see Jesus.

I am assuming a lot when I look at them but maybe this is where the mission is. In the coffee shop. On the street. Amongst people who freak me out. I am just musing I guess.

I hope to figure out what can be done here in this little shop. Jesus infiltrated the places that others didn't go with people who looked a little strange. I talk a big talk about these things but am yet to really do a lot about it. Maybe this is a place where God can be real for kids like these.

For those of you guys who read this.............what do you think? How do we approach people who don't look like us or talk like us or share our stories? How you even start? With what kind of spirit and heart do you approach those kids of kids without appearing like you have an adgenda for them?

Anyways, these are some thoughts from the Coffee Grinder on a rainy Tuesday. I am sure there will be more...........

Grace and Peace,


Thursday, March 08, 2007


I feel like I have finally tured a corner here in Granbury. I moved here on January 23rd and started my job on the 24th! Never again! We all should have at least a week between jobs but I was a little freaked out about not having a paycheck for a week. If I was smart I would have taken the risk.
In other words, I made the transition from Vernon to Granbury in about 3 hours.......the time it took to drive here after I said my goodbyes at Wilbarger. I guess only now do I see why the last month has been so up and down: I had no transition! What a goof!
But I feel like things are starting to settle a bit around here. I am starting to see some great opportunity for ministry here. I spent some time at the Behavioral Transition Center (BTC) which is an alternative school for kids with behavioral issues and problems with the law. They asked me to come and be a mentor for a kid who has a horrible home life and is always in trouble. I am really excited about getting to know this kid. The possiblities of effecting a kid like this for Christ is immense. I will get you in on more of this as it develops.
Also I think I am going to be starting to volunteer at the Boys and Girls club a few afternoons a week. I will get to hang out with a bunch of rugrats and dominate them in basketball I guess. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE! It will be a lot of fun.

I write all of this mainly to tell you that God has been preparing me for a ministry like this for the last three years. I have people here who are actively trying to get me in these kids lives and see the obvious need for the light of Jesus in these places where Satan has so ravaged innocent lives. I am eager to tell stories of how Christ will work in these places where light is needed so badly.

I ask for your prayers because it is somthing I both am excited about but also fearful. My natural inclination is not to be a social animal. I am a quiet dude mainly. So, to meet and get to know kids who are in different situations that I am scares me a bit. Yet, as I have always believed, teenagers are teenagers no matter where they come from. They are all a little goofy and weird, smell funky, and have a lot of hormones raging. It will be intersting.

Not sure where to go from here so I will quit. I hope you guys are doing well.