Tuesday, October 30, 2007

need some good music.......

I love music. It is something that hearkens the heart back to a place in time that was either full of turmoil of packed with joy. There are certain songs that I still hear or a certain lyric that comes across my radio that fills me with an unexplainable nostalgia, no matter what period of my life it takes me to. In fact, a lot of the memorable tunes in the catalog of my memory take me to times where things wern't going so well. Generally, I blame those times on girls :).

I am in the proccess of re-discovering some music and getting some new stuff in my life. I will post some of the more memorable albums of my life. What are some of yours?

Photographs- Andrew Osenga
Love and Thunder- Andrew Peterson
Fabric of the Verse- Bebo Norman
My Calm\Your Storm-Caedmon's Call
Father-Justin McRoberts
Love is a Bullet-Poor Rich Folk

I have a ton more that I will post soon.