Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the bullet-point update

I really need to update the blog so I figured I would do so in bullet point form without a lot of detail.

- I am married now as of two weeks ago. Married life rocks.

- There is a possibility that I will be changing directions in grad school to have a family ministry emphasis instead of just general ministry

- Lydia and I are homeowners in a little country neighborhood outside of Granbury in a town named Cresson. I have a little stream out in the back that I catch ginormous 1\2 pound perch out of.

- I will be an uncle soon (by blood). Check out my sister's blog

- This site is friggin hilarous

That outta hold you for a while........


Brock Paulk said...

you got any extra room on the bank of the creek and enough perch to share?

Niki said...

Gee Chris...I wonder what part of married life you're talking about?;)

A house with a stream in the back yard? Somebody up there sure loves you!

Please post a wedding picture soon.

AND hear me mister...don't think for a second that blogging once every few months will "hold us for awhile". :)

Congrats on being an uncle-to-be. The question about your future baby plans aren't far off now. lol Not from me ofcourse...