Monday, January 07, 2008

A quick update

A new year arrives and I didn't really know it! Life has been running at such a break-neck pace that I haven't really had the chance to take stock in a whole lot lately. So, let me get you guys a couple of things that are going on with us right now.
1. I have bought a house. Actually, Lydia and I bought a house. Now, before you dial the phone and call me a fornicator, let me explain what the situation is. A few months ago when Lydia and I knew we were going to get married, she found this house in between Granbury and Fort Worth. She knew that she would be working in Ft. Worth so it would be convienient to find a house in between where she worked and where I worked. Well, we found this house that was at a perfect location and was the perfect size. But, she wasn't working yet so we couldn't afford it. A few weeks later, she got an offer from Cooks Childrens hospital in Fort Worth. So, I called our realator and she put an offer on the house. They accepted and the rest is history. It is such a cool house! I plan to post some pics soon so that everyone can see it. Lydia will be living there for the next three months until we get married. I have moved out of my apartment and will live with one of my elders until the wedding. So, fear not my friends! We are doing everything we can to keep things on the up and up despite what it might look like.
2. The wedding date is on April 12th. That is a little more than three months! We are really excited and frankly really ready for this day. It will be a day of celebration for what God has done for both of us and our families. We hope you can come.

Things are really exciting right now! Pray for us as we continue to prepare for this life together. I hope to write more soon.

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